Laundry Renovations

1. Begin Planning your Laundry Renovation

First, consider what you think is required to take the renovation to the next level. Figure out what capabilities, storage features and other elements to be added to your laundry room. Consider your design goals. Did you want a more modern look? Were you looking to add more colour to your laundry room?

2. Schedule a Meeting with your Laundry Renovations design expert

Getting an initial consultation will help you work through the various aspects of the design project, including aspirations, budget and space optimization opportunities.

3. Get your Finalised Quote and Project Plan

Your estimate should be detailed and should have a drafting concept should be available to you. Specifications are typically providing during this process for fixtures. You can expect to see milestones and completion date information during this stage.

4. Meet your Laundry Renovation Specialist

Your deposit will be collected and the contract is signed during this stage. There will be a thorough business inspection and measurements will be taken. Your project liaison will be in constant contact with you throughout the process.

5. Select your Laundry Renovation finishes and color schemes

A showroom meeting may be scheduled to help you finalize your designs and products. At this time, a more detailed project plan with the deadlines can be supplied.

6. Preparation Phase and Turnkey stage begins

Before work starts, a final meeting with the design team is scheduled to clear up any misunderstandings and ambiguities as it pertains to your project. We go over expectations and explain how we will be able to meet them consistently throughout the duration of the project. The property is then put in the remodeling team’s hands. Areas throughout the home are prepped.

7. Laundry Renovation Project begins

The installation and the construction process begin. Daily status updates are provided for your laundry room renovation. Final fittings for the cabinetry, shelving and other components are completed.

8. Approval and Sign-Off with Laundry Renovation team completed.

You and your team review a finalised checklist and go over every aspect of the project to make sure that your expectations are met.

9. Celebrate your new Laundry

Enjoy your new space.

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